Old Jokes (If We See a Cop Car)

from by Kat Bula

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Let's get so drunk that we pee in the alley. You can write my name in the snow. We'll by a quarter pound of kumquats, walk up and down Samish, leaving presents in the coin returns of all the pay phones, and if we see a cop car we will dance in the lights. We'll be too drunk to care that it's an old joke. We'll share a single pair of mittens and we'll start a snowball fight. If we're drunk enough, we'll never get cold.

Let's get a couple paper grocery bags and a bit of poster paint and make a sign to tape on City Hall's door: "Every time you kill an arts venue, God kills a kitten, so won't you please NOT DO THAT ANYMORE?" And if we see a cop car, we'll slug each other in the arm for not noticing that it was around. We'll scramble up the fire escape and hold our breaths tight, but we'll bury the cop in snow if he tears our poster down.

Let's stop in at the Shangri-La, ask if they've got a reservation under Mr. and Mrs. Your-Last-Name. "Do you still have free HBO? I see you've peeled the sticker off your window. Well, if you've got a free room, guess we'll check in just the same." And if we see a cop car, we'll make out in the lights that make the walls flicker blue and then red, pop another PBR and watch a rerun of Rosanne and make up stories about what grotesque things have happened in this bed.


from Thimble vs. Needle, released May 18, 2009
written by Kat Bula
Kat Bula: vocals, guitars
recorded by Ryan Richardson, and mixed by Ryan & Kat, at Golden Coin Studios in Bellingham, WA




Kat Bula Seattle, Washington

“Smart, sassy, sensitive… a rare depth and range in an otherwise endless sea of singer/songwriters.” — Cascadia Weekly

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